D.Webster, Haarlem (Netherlands)

D. (Daniel) Webster from Haarlem in the Netherlands was one of the founders of the first 'Velocipedistenbond' (League of Wheelmen) which became the ANWB, now a club with over 4 million members and focused on cars. 
De Velocipedistenbond was founded in 1883 in Utrecht and their magazine was called 'de Kampioen' (the Champion) .... and it still is!  All old magazines are free to read at Google Books, very interesting!
Webster was of British origin and he was selling ordinaries, sometimes with his own name engraved in the spring. Just because he sold bicycles, he was forced to leave the board of the ANWB after a few years.

On the pictures you see what is supposed to be the last remaing bicycle carrying the name of  D.Webster. I guess the parts were imported from England and assembled in Haarlem.  I'm quite sure Webster didn't have a real factory. The model name 'The Flyer' seems like some fantasy name.
The 48 inch bicycle has the almost standard Bown Aeolus ball bearings and cranks carrying the name Carrington - seen before on assembled bicycles. You see some non-original parts: it was in a bad condition when the current owner bought it.